Carol offers two types of Empowerment Workshops featuring the Free Yourself Process in the San Francisco East Bay: Public Workshops offered at New Thought churches and Facilitator Training Workshops offered with Jan Knight.

Public Workshops


Public workshops are 1-1/2 to 2 hours long. The first 20-30 minutes is a lecture where Carol explains the Free Yourself process in detail. The next hour is dedicated to audience participation with a pre-determined topic such as abundance (or lack thereof), fear around world events, etc. The last 15 minutes to half hour is devoted to Q&A. 

The church or organization sponsoring the event will provide Carol with the topic to be worked on. 

The public workshops are offered by Carol free of charge. She asks only that her travel expenses are covered. The church or organization can charge a fee or ask for a love donation and may keep all the proceeds. 

Carol may have CDs or other products available for sale after the workshop.

Free Yourself Facilitator Training


Facilitator Training Workshops are offered several times a year by Carol with her workshop partner Jan Knight.









These workshops are typically 3 days long. People interested in becoming a certified Free Yourself Facilitator will be required have at least one private Free Yourself session with Carol by phone in order to become personally familiar with the process and then a followup interview with Carol before the workshop. The private session and followup interview are covered in the cost of the training.


Contact Carol if you are interested in becoming a Free Yourself facilitator and being notified when the next Facilitator Training Workshop will be held.  

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