About Carol

Carol has been helping people empower themselves for over 20 years. 


In 1993 Carol was trained as a emotional release bodyworker and for several years her work with clients centered around using this process to help her clients release long held issues.  However, in 1996 shortly after she released her Lighten Up tape, she shifted from the bodywork approach and began her work as a personal empowerment mentor.  She found that her clients wanted to go beyond the Lighten Up process and learn at a deeper level how they could change their lives. 

A few years later after Carol released her Free Yourself from Fear tape, her empowerment mentoring took on a new and deeper dimension.  Her clients were amazed at how quickly they could move through deeply embedded issues and begin the healing process.  Several clients admitted that they had been in therapy for many years and that one session with Carol had helped them resolve issues that had not been touched in traditional therapy.  Carol's book, Simple Healing Tools on the Path to Personal Empowerment and Inner Peace highlights the specific tools she has developed and used on herself and in her practice with her clients that lead to personal empowerment. Her two ebooks are available through Amazon.com: How Do I Love Myself: Learn a Magical 5 Minute-a-Day Process and How Do I Create Peace Within Myself and in the World.


Carol uses her background as a Reiki Master Teacher, Free Yourself from Fear Consultant and Lighten Up Empowerment Mentor to create a space of unconditional love during each session, whether on the phone or in-person. Carol's approach to helping her clients heal and empower themselves comes from a conviction that we are all one and that as she helps a client move through the healing process, Carol herself is also healed.  Thus, every session is a gift to both her client and to herself as well.  

© 2017 Carol Hansen Grey, Free Yourself from Fear Trainer/Facilitator